There was witness information of bear at Information Village of Yamanakako hiking course. Climbed person, please carry bear bell or radio which are.
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About holding of "2017 One+Nation Music Circus in Yamanakako"

UPDATE: 2017-08-14

2017 One+Nation Music Circus in Yamanakako is held☆

... blue sky museum - Yamanakako communication Plaza Kirara

The date: Sunday, September 24, 2017
Held meeting place: Communication Plaza Kirara

Holy place where Yamanakako has maximum area in Fuji Five Lakes. World's cultural heritage "Mt.Fuji" soars. We play music in art of nature. It is inherited all through the ages and it dwells in heart of people and brings up art and music.
Festival of music to dwell in heart is held.

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