Let's begin camping

We are absorbed in camping in The Fuji foot of a mountain, Nature of Yamanakako!

Yamanakako is plateau among Nature of 1,000m above sea level. It is environment that is perfect to camp in huge field among green let alone Mt.Fuji, lake. We introduce master, knowledge and way of enjoying camping about camping by explorer, Etsuro Shikishima in this page. Do you not spend quiet time with family and friend around open fire under star-filled sky?

Entrance "Yamanakako" to the exploration

It is the best that learn know-how of basic camping a little at campground which Yamanakako has.

Shikishima taking a trip to world unexplored region wants to go! It is creed to come true by any means if we think of this. Of course outdoor career was long and said that there was really luxurious camping if there were water and fire.

Shikishima It is camping that it is to many "bases" of my adventure such as ... taking a trip to unexplored region of all parts of the world walking mountain climbing, baving (the cave exploration), sea of trees. It was for camping first to have gone to Yamanakako. Yamanakako has some camping facilities and becomes course for beginners of outdoor. We can enjoy hiking to the mountains of every direction including Ohirayama or cycling over lakeside. It is, "this is interesting" and thinks that there are more people absorbed in this world unexpectedly while enjoying play to come in contact with nature at campgrounds in human being doing mountain climbing or baving like me greedily at the beginning. For example, in mountaineer as we aim at the Himalayas climbing, there is surely person who does camping first in resort such as Yamanakako, and enjoyed. Of course, as for the camping in right in the middle of nature that there are no man-made facilities, is the surely finally best; think that will be deluxe, but can learn various know-how before arriving there little by little at artificial campground which there is in Yamanakako. For example, know-how is that fire is caused, that we carry baggage, to walk.

Basic ... of outdoor operation - camping for beginners

Open fire is caused within two minutes

If there are fire and water, Shikishima is deluxe; can camp…It means, but at first please tell from raising of fire.

Shikishima Even if it is unexpectedly difficult for fire to be caused, and there are writer and match, it is difficult to set fire to firewood (firewood). Therefore we set fire to paper (big paper is no longer necessary) of around one piece of A4 paper first how you do it. Then, we set fire to the edge of thin branch becoming leaf which died rolling to the neighborhood like toothpick and make small flame. We raise size of twig to seem to say size of matchstick and size of chopsticks next, and to put on flame, and size of flame raises, too. We finally set fire to big driftwood (ryuboku) to some extent when there is flame. Firstly beginners usually employs a lot of newspaper and puts big driftwood in large quantities there. But then fire is not turned on well. As it is that heat is necessary as such to set fire to huge driftwood.

If size of flame which we wake up and made with of fire that just told is about the same as volume of flame which we burn newspaper and made, even whichever seems to be good.

Shikishima Different. batto burns and, in the case of newspaper, disappears incidentally. In the case of branch, we stay in form such as charcoal (corner). It is that heat is different there. We have not measured how different temperature is, but heat is different in what burn one and branch to put newspaper, and to burn. When it is fine, and air dries, we can set fire to driftwood of around 10 centimeters in diameter with two minutes after setting fire to paper with state that attracted some branches.

We thought whether it took around one hour (laugh)

Shikishima We cannot camp so much if it takes. Condition is bad and can wake up fire if, for example, there is even state that some driftwood get wet with for ten minutes. Then wind is important when we make a fire. Ventilation is good and we cross tree so that air is easy to enter and should make open fire.

After having done camping around open fire happily, it is basic to put out fire properly so that forest fire is not caused.

Shikishima Well.

We look for delicious drinking water

We tell how to look for delicious water know-how in secret!

Shikishima is basic and is to like oneself climbing place getting water which is more delicious than mountain climbing that we carry drinking water on our back and climb. Does how to look for delicious water include know-how?

Shikishima When it is place where ridgeline has mountain hut, and there is drainage, you should avoid water of swamp in the bottom. Because water drifts from ridgeline of from high place to low place that is mountain for river. On seeing topographical map given to small information, we judge saying "water of branch seems to be all right though this river that we avoided water of the main stream looks good".
When we perform going back (sokou) of river by river trekking, we grasp position of mountain hut beforehand and put sawaen inadoni tent of branch which water can swallow up. Then we can drink thing flowing with water of swamp one more basically. On the other hand, water which collects even if we see neatly is not good. Probably we think water to purify by drifting. As for the collecting water, bacterias are easy to spread. We were in the middle of climbing Mt. Hotaka, and, in the case of me, there was just water of very beautiful mountain when there was not water. After lighting up with light in dark state of the evening, we have drunk the water as we were seen very neatly. There was thing that all the members who drank when we did so got stomach out of order immediately.

We look at the direction of the wind

Does camping pleasure change by the direction of the wind?

Shikishima Know-how is unexpectedly important to put up tent. Particularly, that we grind part of entrance leeward. Tree or smoke tells direction where wind blows to, and skin feels. As tranquility is near, or wind is in condition to turn around in many places if it is state of wind as we do not feel skin to be, it is not necessary for such, untying to mind wind adversely.

Protecting against insects measures

Anti-insect measure to be helpful when we forgot protecting against insects spray and mosquito-repellent incense

We perform let alone camping outdoors, but think that after all it is "mosquito" to be the most difficult. Are measures done?

Shikishima Mosquito comes when we camp. Mosquito does not come out all the time and after all comes out in the evening. It is almost all right if near open fire. Mosquito seems to dislike smoke. Then you should wipe if you sweat. You swim and bathe and should be able to sweat. I tried tools preventing you from allowing mosquito to come near with incense or electromagnetic wave in various ways, but at first do not come while I build a fire basically. We are stabbed in two or three places, though.

What should I do if stuck to leech (hiru)?

Shikishima To body of leech of cigarette set fire, and wait for the leech to leave. As part of head of leech is left to body when we are going to take forcibly, please be careful.

Etsuro Shikishima (shikishima Etsuro)

Shikishima who is self-styled "record person even as for what of border preference" writes article outdoor-affiliated as editor and writer to newspaper, magazine, and there is book a lot. From exploration thing such as "we are persistent amazonneburina to scratch" to river trekking and guidebook of outdoor, fun of the style of reciting is preeminence. In addition, we play an active part as "amphibious photographer" and it is colorful and conveys pleasure and impression of the exploration. We realize mountain trip to foreign countries once a year and, for around 150 days a year, seem to go to domestic and foreign mountains and rivers and seas. In late years we walk Brazil and many places of the face of the Earth including Mt. neburina in the border Guiana Highlands of Venezuela, African ruuenzori mountain, Kenya mountain, Humboldt mountain of ausangate peak, New Caledonia of Mamiya (Tatary) straits ski crossing, the Peru Andes. Of course we get absorbed in Mt. Hotaka, Kitadake, rock, swamp of each place including Tanigawadake in the country. When we run through Mt.Fuji mountain climbing and Aokigahara Jukai, we seem to drop in at Yamanakako. It is camping to become base of exploration life of such active Shikishima. For beginner, we show explorer style outdoor operation this time. [profile]
1951, Kumamoto birth. In 1973, Shogakukan enters the company after Keio University department of engineering graduation. Leaving the office company's in 1979, the Himalayas Dhaulagiri 5 peak climbing. Via afterwards underwater molding center Malin diving editorial department, mountain and valley company to representative of the editing production company horizon.

"Persistently amazonneburina "heap of moon, mountain "outdoor life" "Okinawa" of gorilla" to scratch" "and "susume of river trekking" where we climbed all" "valley 110 route of Tanzawa" "valley of Oku-Tama" "valley of Oku-chichibu"

[future exploration target]
We are going to challenge rocky mountain called iceberg called Irian Jaya of New Guinea and Carstensz rising in the neighbor immediately in future. It shares with friend, and it climbs two heaps of Irian Jaya standing in a row in one of (when ice melted for warming) which is coming to have low altitude at the same time, and it is aim of the future exploration of Shikishima that want to confirm altitude of each mountain under the same temper pressure.

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