A beautiful promenade "Yamanakako hiking course" 4 courses of the Nature
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A beautiful promenade "Yamanakako hiking course" 4 courses of the Nature

A beautiful promenade "Yamanakako hiking course" 4 courses of the Nature In The Fuji foot of a mountain, many people visit "Yamanakako hiking course" loved as one of the most beautiful promenades by many people regardless of any people regardless of age or sex from the spring fresh green to autumn colored leaves every year in popular course of much highlight full loading including superb view spot expecting Mt.Fuji and Yamanakako. Course around the Yamanakako is divided into four of "Mikuni mountain, panoramic viewing platform hiking course" "Takazasu mountain, Myojin mountain hiking course" "Ishiwari mountain hiking course" "Ohirayama hiking course" when we greatly distribute and is enough hiking course to be able to enjoy to person of beginner - intermediate of greatest pitch difference 430m that was maintained without breaking nature. We conquer four routes, and, from unknown superb view spot to legendary power spot, let's enjoy Nature!

Attention at the time of climbing a mountain

◎ Asiatic black bears inhabit mountainous district around the Village of Yamanakako. Please be careful on climbing a mountain.
◎ In Village of Yamanakako, we perform sika by birds and beasts damage control conduct corps, management capture of wild boar in whole year. It is simultaneous management capture day principle, every Wednesday, and capture with firearms is carried out in the forest. Please be careful with understanding.

Ishiwari mountain hiking course

Ishiwari mountain hiking course
The time required Three hours Walk distance Approximately 5km Altitude 1413m (the Ishiwari mountaintop)

Superb view hiking course that is popular satisfaction that fatigue vanishes!

View from the Ishiwari mountain range top We leave from Yamanakako communication Plaza Kirara, and it is come to torii when we walk gentle mountain path for approximately 35 minutes. There are steep stairs which are famous earlier at summer training place of athlete of torii. We arrive in Fujimidaira with arbor when we finish climbing. Furthermore, Ishiwari Jinja(Shrine) that huge rock is enshrined when it is approximately 30 minutes faster. gancho ridokoro which becomes considerably steep course from here to the mountaintop. There is root of rock and tree which were exposed to foot and attention is necessary, but can climb in peace as rope is put on slippery place. In approximately more than 20 minutes, people open out suddenly and arrive at the Ishiwari mountain range top. Mt.Fuji, superb view of Yamanakako can taste satisfaction as fatigue vanishes under eyes under my nose. Course that is popular as superb view point to be able to look around at the time of fine weather in Yamanakako to the Southern Alps in the highest mountain. There are parking lot or restroom in place with torii. When one moving by car climbs from torii parking lot, it is convenient.

Ohirayama hiking course

Ohirayama hiking course
The time required Four hours Walk distance Approximately 7km Altitude 1296m (the Ohira mountaintop)

Fields and mountains grass every season is a pleasure, too!

View from the Ohirayama mountaintop Leave from Yamanakako communication Plaza Kirara, to Oyama, the Ohirayama area flat according to mark. When, through villa zone of hill, walk mountain path for approximately 15 minutes; natural forest feeling good with people. Furthermore, we meet ridge way which binds Ishiwari mountain, Hirao mountain, Ohirayama together when we climb for approximately 30 minutes. Here course to the left. As ridge way of plateau is sunny, and vegetation is very rich, we can see various fields and mountains grass. It is approximately 40 minutes from flat Oyama whom we can view to Mt.Fuji, Yamanakako, the Oshino-mura area to Ohirayama. Furthermore, ridge is consecutive, and Iimoriyama, long Ikeyama can enjoy relaxed hiking as altitude falls little by little. Way home reaches "Hana no miyako Kouen(flower park)" in approximately 35 minutes if we withdraw from point of long Ikeyama to the right according to mark called ninya, the tension fir tree forest covered with the same kind of trees area.

Mikuni mountain, panoramic viewing platform hiking course

Mikuni mountain, panoramic viewing platform hiking course
The time required Four hours Walk distance Approximately 10km Altitude 1,383m (Oohora mountaintop) / 1,291m (Myojin mountaintop)

Luxurious various flowers and wild birds walking to enjoy voice

View from panoramic viewing platform Hiking course that binds vast sinus mountain, Mikuni mountain, light Kamiyama and three mountains together from basket slope Pass located in the south side of Yamanakako. Thistle is flat and arrives when we walk way of forest that there is fantastic atmosphere from basket slope Pass bus stop of the starting point for approximately 40 minutes. As Cirsium purpuratum said to be different variety by Fuji volcano inhabits here, we want to observe the huge thistle by all means. It becomes forest zone of beech from shrub zone of colored leaves tree and arrives at large sinus mountain. Slow ups and downs continues; to Mikuni mountain. We can see from the Mikuni mountain range top over three prefectures of Yamanashi, Shizuoka, Kanagawa from Tanzawa to Gulf of Sagami. It is 35 minutes from Mikuni mountain to light Kamiyama. As there is bad place of footing, let's warn. Place of superb view where the Myojin mountaintop can overlook Mt.Fuji, Yamanakako. Literal vast panorama opens in panoramic viewing platform which fell down for approximately 20 minutes. It is gentle, and this course is easy to walk around and can enjoy voice of various flowers and wild birds from spring to autumn.

Takazasu mountain, Myojin mountain hiking course

Takazasu mountain, Myojin mountain hiking course
The time required Approximately three hours Walk distance Approximately 5km Altitude 1174m (the Takazasu mountaintop)

Spot where is popular among bird watching

View from the Takazasu mountaintop Course that walks Yamanashi, ridge of prefectural border of Kanagawa. At first start from Yamanakako communication Plaza Kirara, and is 60 minutes; to Takazasu mountain. We put in the breath, and let's enjoy splendid view. We walk way of forest where ups and downs leads to for approximately one and a half hours to light Kamiyama through Kiridoshi mountain pass from here. Panoramic viewing platform descending a mountain is known as view spot of Mt.Fuji. In this course that can be called walk to enjoy nature, we look at Fuji of superb view and enjoy forest bathing and can touch with magnificent nature.
Green such as deciduous broad-leaved forest including coniferous trees and beech forest. Gentian, fields and mountains grass including mountain pickled shallot. In addition, a lot of wild birds such as stonechat, narcissus flycatcher, blue-and-white flycatcher inhabit and are known as place where is popular among bird watching. Let's experience rich nature of Yamanakako with own Gokan by all means!

About preparations and rule of hiking

About the equipment, belonging of hiking

Let's choose thing which size of own body included about the equipment and belonging of hiking. When size does not match, it causes fatigue. In addition, you introduce the standard equipment and belonging as follows, but please let senior and experienced person go together by all means without climbing only in beginners as necessary thing changes by the company number of people at season and time. As wild animals such as bear, deer, wild boar inhabit, we perform preparations well, and let's enjoy Nature by safe hiking!

[the equipment] ○Hat ○ rain outfit ○ walk breathe, and stock underwear ○ thick socks ○ hiking shoes ○
[belonging] ○Rucksack rucksack ○ food ○ drink ○ towel ○ leisure sheet ○ winter clothing, gloves ○ garbage bag ○ bear bell

About rule of hiking

○ All the garbage will take to go.
○ We do not pick flower and plant, insect! Taking only as for the photograph.
○ Moor and field of flowers will prevent them from entering weak thing, absolute.
○ Do not feed a meal which chicken and beast live for in structure of nature.
○ The top of mountain is easy to change weather and it is unexpectedly cold and is hot. Without forgetting heavy winter clothing and rain outfit, hat and water bottle-proof.
○ Let's walk not to deviate from the sidewalk. Let's return to certain place if at a loss.
○ There are course not to be able to walk and course that it is hard to walk when it snows in winter. Intelligence beforehand as for the use of the winter season.
○ Let's be careful on the way as there are many courses without restroom.

Downloading: Yamanakako hiking guide

○ To do pleasant hiking by security
○ Let's protect next so that nature and human being can go together forever
○ Hiking course map of 4 course
○ Whole map & guidebook of Yamanakako
○ About nature of Yamanakako (plant, wild bird)
Brochure downloading Yamanakako hiking guide PDF file 2.88MB
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