We teach photographer, Haruo Tomizuka of Yamanakako residence! Advice to photograph natural scenery happily

Photographer, Haruo Tomizuka tell me! To photograph natural scenery happily

Position of the sun and direction of wind. Time and seasonal change to be called off. Nature will show face which is full of color under various conditions. Furthermore, if there is expression of nature of so many men, so many minds by person seeing…. As for the hand missing shutter chance that only person who was present at the place at the moment is given, there are none. Here, we publish way of enjoying various photographs only by Yamanakako. We live in the shore of Yamanakako and talk about Yamanakako and photograph which Haruo Tomizuka of photographer who continues arresting nature of Mt.Fuji and The Fuji foot of a mountain including fields and mountains grass loves.

Haruo Tomizuka (tomitsuka Haruo)

1947, Shonan birth. We go to the United States after Nihon University art department photographer graduation in 70. We study under Mr. building photographer Julius - shuruman. After the right of permanent residence acquisition, we establish image of seven studio in Hollywood. We start advertisement, building photograph. Orson Wells, Michael Jackson photograph many actors, musicians. We hold private exhibition' persona' in L.A. CANON gallery for one month in 78. We collect data on overseas 15 countries. In 86, we finish life for 16 years in the United States, and atelier seven is established by Yamanakako. We continue taking scenery photograph with advertisement photograph and continue up to the present day.

Advice to take in nature from Tomizuka happily

At first, even if it is not single-lens reflex camera, we OK, and let's be interested in photograph in various Fuji to turn up!

Anyway, The Fuji foot of a mountain has abundant subjects.
At first, we want you to be interested in photograph because pocket camera is enough.
It is surely possessed photograph if we take when just interesting rotor cloud is given. Such an encounter is important.

Early rising is virtue of three sentences! Shutter chance perfect early in the morning when we are attracted by expression of nature changing every moment!

When you stay at Yamanakako, please get up early in the morning. It is so even in winter, but lake is warmer than fresh air even in the summer.
Therefore the steam rises in surface of a lake in temperature difference. Because solar light lets you do from back including time taking red Fuji early in the morning, own shadow reaches to Mt.Fuji.
We greatly appear with barn so that own shadow passes Yamanakako under the influence of the steam of surface of a lake. We see it when we wave our hand.…At the same time fish jumps early in the morning in surface of a lake.

Morning swan is interesting, too! We will take figure lying down and figure stretching itself!

State when swan is sleeping puts head in body and is really pretty thing!
They begin to move with pair in the morning, but can see figure which flaps to stretch itself when we get up if lucky. It may approach so as to sometimes chew tripod of camera at one gulp.

We feel nature of Yamanakako to be and feel space to be.

Project own shadow on Mt.Fuji on seeing coming for Yamanakako, and getting up early, and bathing in the sun with swan, and fish jumping….
Besides, we can realize that it will be the splendid world that really says if the moon at dawn is seen early in the morning. We can taste feeling to be in one point of space.
In people attracted by taking photograph of Mt.Fuji and nature, there is person who has moved to here, and there is person that we resign, and it has been to photographer. Anyway, we want you to challenge by all means even if we do not go to there that moment of encounter with photograph is born as here Yamanakako is splendid place

On day without wind, inverted image of Mt.Fuji is desire! Sunset from lakeside is dramatic, too!

When there is not wind, and it is the calm (nagi) relatively in the morning, inverted image of Mt.Fuji is easy to look to place by waterside of Nagaike district and Hirano district. In addition, in scenery photograph, sunset is very popular natural phenomenon.
When condition that is Yamanakako is equal, the sky which turned redder is fantastic and is dramatic, and it directs Mt.Fuji and lake.

Focus is infinite!

When you take Mt.Fuji, you should match focus of camera with "it is infinite" while it is beginning.
Mt.Fuji is mountain which it is easy to take unexpectedly.

Wall paper of Yamanakako which Tomizuka took is this
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