When you take a walk through Information hiking course, please be careful about bee and wild animals such as bears enough. Please be careful not to let you threaten when bee came with bear bell.
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Village of Yamanakako is decided in Tokyo 2020 Olympics bicycle race road race course venue!

UPDATE: 2018-08-10

Tokyo 2020 organizing committee got approval of association of international bicycle race (UCI), and they decided course of road race (male / girl) of bicycle race in the 32nd Olympics tournament (2020/ Tokyo).
 We make forest Park of Musashino start venue and make a goal in Fuji Speedway through Tokyo, Kanagawa, Yamanashi (Village of Yamanakako, Doshi-mura), the Shizuoka prefecture.
As for course total distance, as for boy approximately 244km, female approximately 147km, the acquisition altitude (the total of height that rose from ※ start to goal), record-high with boy approximately 4,855m, female approximately 2,692m. It was in course where high race development of intense degree of difficulty of ups and downs was expected while facing Mt.Fuji which symbolized Japan.
Village of Yamanakako became official meeting venue of Tokyo 2020 Olympics tournament than decision of this course. In addition, it becomes the first-ever Olympics venue in Yamanashi.

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