There was witness information of bear near Information Ohirayama hiking course. Climbed person, please carry bear bell which is or radio.
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Treasure hunt real speaking of summer of Yamanakako! Find out treasure in cooperation with friend and family!

UPDATE: 2017-07-04

It is Village of Yamanakako latest event information!

Tomo-ope! 7 "is mystery mission7! Four wonders of Village of Yamanakako"

Period: From Saturday, July 8 to October 9 Monday (holiday)

Real treasure hunt event that we hold every year in summer hosted by Village of Yamanakako!
Let's find out treasure that it is two or more and matches power with clue, and map of enigmatic treasure was hidden around Yamanakako!
At first let's obtain map of treasure!

The number of the participants of this event to become the seventh in this year increased in average year, and about more than 3400 reported discovery last year during period!
Please enjoy "Tomo-ope!" with unprecedented device this year!

There is present on first-come-first-served basis for treasure finder! Is luxurious prize elected by lot?

Map distribution place of treasure: Yamanakako village office, (no company) Tourist Association of Yamanakako, tourist association registration souvenir shop, hot water of deep red Fuji, hot water of Ishiwari, Hana no miyako Kouen(flower park), Communication plaza KIRARA, Yukio Mishima sentence school, Soho Tokutomi Museum, Yamanakako Public Library (library),
Roadside station (Fujiyoshida / narusawa / and mountain / / subashiri / wisteria female-impersonator)

Inquiry: Village of Yamanakako sightseeing section
TEL: 0555-62-9977 FAX: 0555-62-3088

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