About holding of 2017 Yamanakako Art Illumination "FANTASEUM"

UPDATE: 2017.11.16

Yamanakako art illuminations "FANTASEUM" is held☆

Period: From Friday, November 25, 2017 to Wednesday, January 3, 2018
Meeting place: Yamanakako Hana no miyako Kouen(flower park)
Lighting time: From 17:00 to 21:00
Admission: Free of charge
Parking charges: Car 300 yen, trailer bus 1,000 yen
Sponsorship: (no company) Tourist Association of Yamanakako

Launching and Christmas concert of fireworks are going to be held in addition to lighting of illuminations by event. Stand village opens in greenhouse in village of clear stream only at this time, and hot food including corn soup and udon is sold.
As winter-limited beautiful illuminations and fantastic starlit sky are seen, come by all means at this opportunity.

Display of fireworks is held in winter during period☆

Winter fireworks

Scheduled launching date
November 25
(every Saturday until Christmas every day 20:00 ...)
December day
January 1.2.3 day

Diamond Fuji is seen☆

"Diamond Fuji" is seen in Hana no miyako Kouen(flower park) at moment when the sun is piled up on the Mt.Fuji mountaintop during period of from December 1 to January 15. Do you not put in photograph by all means at this opportunity?

Sponsorship: (no company) tourist association: 0555-62-3100
Meeting place: Hana no miyako Kouen(flower park) TEL: 0555-62-5587

About observation of "Diamond Fuji"

UPDATE: 2017.10.25

Diamond Fuji is seen in Village of Yamanakako☆

Observation period: Middle of October (about 16th) - end of February (about 25th)
Observation time: At sunset (we have change at time at sunset by ※ day at - about 16:30 at about 15:30)
Meeting place: Including the shore of Yamanakako (refer to the back side of brochure in detail)

About phenomenon that the mountaintop and the sun of Mt.Fuji overlap with Diamond Fuji at the time of at sunset or the sunrise, we can see in Yamanakako in at sunset from autumn to winter. Furthermore, light "double Diamond Fuji" that it seems to lakeside one more if condition is correct in lake "Yamanakako" nearest Mt.Fuji may be seen!

It becomes the observation for a limited time mentioned above. Please see light and festival of shadow that the natural world weaves by all means.

・It is crowded very much during period. In the observed one, I would like the use of "free parking lot of Asahigaoka" and "toll parking lot of Communication plaza KIRARA".

・As temperature suddenly decreases after the sun set, I would like cold protection measures.

・We would like without having you act with margin at time, and forgetting feeling of mutual concessions.

Contact Village of Yamanakako sightseeing section TEL: 0555-62-9977
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