• Nature and the history of Village of Yamanakako

Let's learn nature and the history of Yamanakako!

Basic information of Yamanakako

We are proud of Yamanakako in various aspects "most" in Fuji Five Lakes!

Yamanakako in the foot of Mt.Fuji is bright lake among the mountains which are gentle in the neighborhood. We are proud of "the first" in various aspects in Fuji Five Lakes. It is located in the nearest place in the northeast of Mt.Fuji. The area of the surface of a lake is 6.57 square kilometers, too and is greatest in Fuji Five Lakes. In addition, altitude of surface of a lake is the highest, and it is in high place of the third place with 980.5 meters throughout Japan. On the other hand, the depth of the water of lake is the most shallow and is around 13.3 meters. It understands that altitude of surface of a lake is equal, and there is the bottom of a lake of Yamanakako in high place than the surface of the water of Lake Motosu, Saiko, Lake Shoji which is 902 meters.

Plateau resort where 4 million a year tourists visit Yamanakako

There are 53.05 square kilometers of total areas, and Village of Yamanakako opening around lake which is 13.5 kilometers is comprised in 4 districts of Yamanaka, Hirano, Nagaike, Asahigaoka. Most of the villages are plateau zones of gentle ups and downs (we come and blow) about 1,000 meters above sea level, and Mt.Fuji rises close southwest.
Because it was easy to spend time with around 20 degrees and envied summer mean temperature, we were able to open as summer resort. Population of Village of Yamanakako is approximately 5,800 people, but, in approximately 3,800 villas, in approximately 1,000 dormitories such as school or company, there is hotel, inn, guest house, pension more than 2,500 houses in big things and small things. Many tourists come from summer to autumn, and the number amounts to 4 million a year.
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