Ecotourism (ecotourism)

We aim at nature or culture, the history for sightseeing, and ecotourism is the role of trip to think about the sustainability. Ecotourism promotion law is passed and is taken effect in 2008, and ecotourism or guidance are carried out flourishingly in each place.

With "sightseeing" that Village of Yamanakako aims at

We suggest opportunity to know area with experience to tourist

As well as Mt.Fuji known as my symbol of the nation, it is dotted with tourist attractions of Japan eminence including virgin forest and Fuji Five Lakes called Aokigahara Jukai, and approximately 20 million a year visit the Mt.Fuji northern foot. Main purpose of action in the sightseeing thinks that after all it is to see Mt.Fuji.

However, if we get off car and walk the outdoors, on seeing wild grass and wild bird, we feel wind and smack our lips over local special product and can enjoy using all Gokan. In addition, depending on season and time, we participate in traditional events such as festivals and may see firefly and Diamond Fuji. Besides, we may know old tale and dialect through interchange with Yamanakako villager. When it has no room for time and feeling, we think that it is difficult to have such an opportunity, but want to increase opportunities to know area with experience for us who invite.

From sightseeing "seeing" to sightseeing "doing"

We establish ecotourism promotion meeting in July, 2005

We established ecotourism promotion meeting to consist of local inhabitants, administration, sightseeing company, well-informed person in July, 2005 (Heisei 17) in Village of Yamanakako and repeated discussions for better figure of sightseeing of Village of Yamanakako. What is need what positive tourist attractions that did not hit are to utilize those resources, or what kind of invention is need to prevent resources from drying up by the use that opposite is superabundant, or such a thing is the conventional agenda and is problem that considered until now. All those problems were not settled and aim at coexistence of local sightseeing promotion and environmental conservation as it will be only wrestling thing needing in future and still continue and promote the making of sustainable sightseeing spot.

As you know, natural experience-based activities such as skating and camping, fishing have been performed in Village of Yamanakako flourishingly from prewar days and are thinking that it can be in promotion base changing into sightseeing "doing" from sightseeing "seeing" that we stated above. In addition, it mentions the depths of nature and culture of Village of Yamanakako, and it is our wish that want you to know more deeply.

Yamanakako ecotourism official site

For more details, please see Yamanakako ecotourism official site.
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