Mt.Fuji and cloud

Cloud may appear when we see Mt.Fuji in southwestern direction of Yamanakako. By this cloud, we can predict weather. For example, in Kasagumo (kasagumo) "pile up shade" "leave; when shade" exits, is said that beautiful weather (energy) continues strictly cold ekomiga.

Can you predict weather by wisdom cloud of ancient people?

It is weather with kind of Kasagumo hanging over Mt.Fuji afterwards

  • Tsumi Kasa Gumo

    Cold wind blows

  • Hanare Kasa Gumo

    Clear and it is cold

  • Uzu Kasa Gumo

    Wind becomes strong

  • Maekake Gumo

    Changes for the worse

  • Fukidashi Kasa Gumo

    hiemal climate

  • Kaimaki Kasa Gumo

    Wind and snow become

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