• Recommended tourist attraction

I introduce the tourist attraction that the sightseeing in staff recommends!

Village of Yamanakako is sightseeing spot representing Yamanashi from The Fuji foot of a mountain, one Tokyo of Fuji Five Lakes for approximately 90 minutes. In Village of Yamanakako held in magnificent Mt.Fuji and Nature which moves seasonally, and passes away, you forget the noise of town, and please spend slow time. "Only here picks up toiu famous place in Village of Yamanakako here if we see the sights" and introduces. A lot of highlight such as Yamanaka Suwa Jinja (Shrine) which is famous for spots that can enjoy various outdoor sports such as park and walk road, camping or cycling and spa facility of popularity, festival of Kanto's leading easy delivery. Please enjoy town walk of Village of Yamanakako with all one's might!
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