Ishiwari Jinja(Shrine)

Oiwa of object of worship of Ishiwari Jinja(Shrine)

Good luck, God of game luck. Oiwa is power spot of object of worship!

It is Ishiwari Jinja(Shrine) located near the eighth stage of Ishiwari mountain of 1,413m above sea level.
In rare Jinja(Shrine) which assumes Oiwa broken in form of character of "stone" of kanji object of worship, there is benefit of good luck, yakujo, the ceremony of driving out the devils, longevity staying young.
When good luck opens out if we go along three times of gaps of this rock for a long time, it is said to be. Even child is adult, but it is mysterious that even big person of body can barely go, but is handed down when person who did bad thing is caught in rock. In addition, water oozing from crack of stone is said to work for eye disease, dermatopathia as miraculous water.
As you are on the way to Ishiwari mountain hiking course, you stop by, and please touch large-scale object of worship.

As for the object of worship which there are long stairs, and the distance to Jinja(Shrine) is out of breath a little, but is rare, unmissable!
View of splendid Mt.Fuji is waiting afterwards if we arrive to the Ishiwari mountain range top.

[the location] Hirano, Yamanakako-mura, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi

 Car: It is along lakeside and turns to the Doshi-mura area (Route 413) at Hirano intersection. We advance for a while and turn left at the red torii, and it is come approximately 1km by Jinja(Shrine) door.

 Bus: Getting off, approximately 10m come back at tour bus "fuji lake" <Ishiwari mountain hiking course entrance and turn right at the red torii and arrive at Jinja(Shrine) entrance in approximately 15 minutes.

*There are public toilet, parking lot (approximately 30) at Jinja(Shrine) entrance.

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