Mt.Fuji wall paper downloading

We made photographer of Yamanakako residence, photograph of seasonal Yamanakako which changed photographed Haruo Tomitsuka wall paper.
Magnificent scenery of Mt.Fuji and Yamanakako turning up various by season…
You download, and please give glory to Desktop of PC!
Setting method of wall paper is this

Haruo Tomizuka (tomitsuka Haruo)

For 1,947 years, it was born in Shonan. We go to the United States after Nihon University art department photographer graduation in 70. We study under Mr. building photographer Julius - shuruman. After right of permanent residence acquisition, we establish image of seven studio in Hollywood. We start advertisement, building photograph. Orson Wells, Michael Jackson photograph many actors, musicians. We hold private exhibition' persona' in L.A. Canon gallery for one month in 78. We collect data on overseas 15 countries. In 86, we finish life for 16 years in the United States, and atelier seven is established by Yamanakako. We continue taking scenery photograph with advertisement photograph and continue up to the present day.

Way of setting

Please choose size to monitor resolution of PC of errand.
Window opens newly, and image is displayed.
※ Attention: Except individual cannot use.
※ We cannot guarantee all troubles in case of downloading. I would like the use in responsibility of oneself.

It is errand in WINDOWS

1. We click size of wall paper which we want to download and display image.
2. We click the right button of mouse on displayed image.
3. From displayed menu "setting (or "wall paper setting" "in the background setting") is chosen by desktop pattern.

It is errand in MAC

1. We click size of wall paper which we want to download and display image.
2. We click while pushing control key on image. On "image disk choose downloading", and save in any place
3. We open up "appearance" of Control Panel and choose "desktop" and push "choice of picture" button and appoint image which we saved some time ago
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