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It was cold morning

Update: 2017-11-22

We expect Mt.Fuji from field which dropped of frostIt was clouded early in the morning, but it was fine from past 7:00, and Mt.Fuji looked like photograph, too. As there was not wind, and it was cold, there was a frost, and place that did not hit on day became pure white this morning at past 8:00.

It was cold like the said article this morning, and minimum temperature included the first cold with -6.8 degrees this season. When we were able to see Mt.Fuji, blue sky appeared, too, but it is gradually clouded again, and it is rainy forecast from night. How is (hope) thinking that it does not snow as temperature rose.

The situation of 10:00 a.m.
Temperature: Five times
Weather: Cloudy weather

The sunrise to see from Kanagawa prefectural border

Update: 2017-11-21

The sunrise judging from Mikuni peakAs wind was strong, and atmosphere was clear, beautiful Mt.Fuji was seen, but we passed panoramic viewing platform and took the sunrise from Kanagawa prefectural border of Mikuni Pass top this morning. When it was December, it became shadow of mountain, and the sunrise was not seen from here, but we were seen tightly this morning, and I saw very well from Enoshima to Tokyo Bay, Boso Peninsula.

The yesterday's highest temperature becomes below the freezing point by cold like the depth of winters at 4.5 degrees at past 17:00;, as for this morning, considerable; felt uneasy about whether it was cold, but rose after having recorded minimum temperature of -4.2 degrees when date changed, and was around -1 degree in the early morning. Wind of north gathering was strong and it was sensorily considerably cold and only felt. Wind weakens, too and seems to become warmer in the daytime than yesterday.

The situation of 10:00 a.m.
Temperature: Four times
Weather: Fine weather

It is snowy in Mt.Fuji

Update: 2017-11-20

There are a lot of fallen leaves in lawn open spaceWe saw to the Fuji mountaintop while it is morning, but cloud begins to hang over the mountaintop like photograph at about 9:00, and it seems to snow.

Cold wave seems to come over according to forecast, and the highest temperature from Friday does not exceed 10 degrees with 7.9 degrees, 8.7 degrees, 7.7 degrees and three days either, and cold day continues. Minimum temperature this morning was less than below the freezing point 5 degrees with -5.1 degrees for the first time this season. Snow falls frequently from about 10:00, and temperature does not seem to rise very much in the daytime either.

The situation of 10:00 a.m.
Temperature: Three times
Weather: Light snow

There are few colored leaves

Update: 2017-11-17

Colored leaves and Mt.FujiThere were still many leaves here, and autumn colors were very clean, but leaf has fallen by cold in yesterday or today very much until approximately two days ago. We wanted to take inverted image of Mt.Fuji and colored leaves at this place and went to visit many times, but did not come out this year either.

Minimum temperature this morning was morning that was colder than yesterday at -4.5 degrees. There is sunlight, but it seems to be on cold 1st when is with less than 10 degrees of highest temperature today as temperature does not readily rise.

It is daily fine forecast, but it is forecast of - rain which it is sleety today during the morning tomorrow. We think that it does not snow, but are slightly anxious as it became the snow approximately 25cm last year on this November 24.

The situation of 10:00 a.m.
Temperature: Five times
Weather: Fine weather

Cirsium purpuratum which blooms in below the freezing point

Update: 2017-11-16

Cirsium purpuratum is still in full blossomCirsium purpuratum still bloomed at the water's edge of lakeside. It was just in full blossom here and was very beautiful to die at other places, and to become brown.
We found this Cirsium purpuratum approximately one week ago and intended to take at the time of Diamond Fuji and it was on day when yesterday was seen here, but it was clouded, and there was too much water by rain which how many degrees was besides and did not come out.

It fell to -3.6 degrees and included the first cold this season this morning. We understand that cloud springs out near the Fuji mountaintop when we see photograph well, but are chilled more from now on generally when this cloud appears. It is fine, but temperature does not go up very much in the daytime either and seems to become colder tomorrow today.

The situation of 9:00 a.m.
Temperature: Six times
Weather: Fine weather

It is covered with snow thinly

Update: 2017-11-15

Tree and colored leaves which shed the leavesAs it snowed in Mt.Fuji again, we whitened to very little person. Trees of photograph which dropped leaf like the left side increased around Yamanakako, but there is tree which still changes color neatly like the right side.

Minimum temperature this morning almost falls down to place called below the freezing point at 0.3 degrees, and temperature of thing which day sometimes puts does not rise too much. It becomes forecast more than 10 degrees from now on, but seems to become considerably cold today from tomorrow.

The situation of 9:00 a.m.
Temperature: Nine times
Weather: Cloudy weather


Update: 2017-11-14

Two steps of stack KasagumoWe saw to the mountaintop at about 6:00, but it began to take cloud from before 7:00, and Mt.Fuji which put on Kasagumo which was excellent at past 7:00 was seen. When Kasagumo is seen, weather is said to be downhill slope, but, by the way, how will about today.

The highest temperature was higher three times than 14.5 degrees and the day before yesterday, and, as for the temperature, as for today's minimum temperature, it was at 4.4 degrees yesterday at relatively warm morning even if it was warm in the daytime, and it was at night without falling down too much. Although there is not sunlight, it seems to become high temperature in the daytime.

Diamond Fuji was seen yesterday, but does not seem to be seen as there are many clouds today.

The situation of 10:00 a.m.
Temperature: 12 degrees
Weather: Cloudy weather

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